Jay Melican, Founder

Jay Melican, PhD, is Principal and Founder of Design IQ, LLC — an Oregon-based firm providing research, planning, systemic design, and communications services to address wicked problems and develop strategies for product and systems innovation, business incubation, placemaking, and smart regional growth. 


With 24 years of tech industry experience, his areas of expertise include user experience design, ethnographic research, strategy & business development, and product management, sales & marketing. Between 2012 and 2017, he drove the corporate strategy behind, and was involved with starting — and eventually shuttering — an Intel-incubated new business venture aimed at delivering accessible, off-the-shelf electronics developer tools to STEM students, “makers,” IOT product designers, and technology-based startup companies.


Jay has lectured on the adjunct faculty at Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) and at the Interaction Design Institute in Ivrea, Italy. He served as a founding member and Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Institute of Play, and he currently serves on the Board of the Maker Education Initiative. He holds a BA from Brown University, an MFA from Rhode Island School of Design, and a PhD in design from the Institute of Design at IIT.